Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enjoy my life !!

This year I wasn't in a raya mood !

Something was really bothering my mind !

Up till now , that 'something ' is still squeezing my mind !

Sometimes I just wonder why on earth people always like to judge other people as they like !

Even if I never harm anybody , but there are people who don't have any other thing to do except to envy my wonderful life !

So, from now onwards I would rather say only a few words and show only a very few 'inside' of my life !

What to do ???

I'm always enjoying my life to the fullest , Alhamdulillah !

Saturday, September 25, 2010

within 2 months ....

Hi !!

Here I am again !!

Not sure if anybody comes here anymore . I've logged off my visitor's detector . Well ,I've told myself many times that my blog is for me to jot down my personal activities and stories . Whether people read it or not , it doesn't matter to me .... my blog , my life ... full stop .

Within 2 months I've gone thru quite a number happening events all over me :

August :

1/ I made a surprise visit to Kak Elle's house in Singapore .... wwoooww...she was really shocked ...hahaha.

2/My second grandson was born while I was in Singapore ...Uzair my little darling .

3/ A short Ramadhan family trip to Ho Chi Minh City . Very tired but we managed to hold on fasting till end of the day .

September .

1/Sofie flew back to start her final year medical school . Good luck dear !!

2/ Another short trip to Bandung ..9 of us including Uzair my little grandson were there exploring Bandung in 2 days , 2 nites with plenty of delicious food in Ramadhan...pisang molen , batagor tofu , soto , pisang pontianak , nasi padang and many more .. Alhamdulillah.

3/ Sumayyah flew back to continue her studies for another more year.. All the best to you !!

4/ Syawal was celebrated in Ipoh with my Darling around.1st Syawal also denoted one year had passed since my MIL passed away last year . Al fatihah .

That's all as I can recall ...bye ..till we meet again InsyaAllah.

I miss my purple tulips .....

Almost 2 months I left my blog in the ' dark' , not very busy but very lazy !!

Tonite I'm free and easy and my fingers have just started typing a few words here in my blog..... and I feel so very much like walking in a large tulips garden with thousands of blooming tulips... I miss my purple blog so much ...

That's all for now... since hariraya spirit is still on ....

Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Batin to all of you.