Thursday, July 29, 2010

She's 8 ....

29th July 2002 ... that's the day we'd been waiting for .. a newborn girl was on her way out to this world .. not thru the normal channel ... she came thru the cutting of my ' belly ' ... C-section !!

29th July 2010 ... today ... she's 8 years old .

Happy 8th Birthday Mimi !!

I've been searching for her birthday present for a couple of days but still didn't buy anything since I don't know what to get for her . Yesterday while chatting with her I asked her what she wanted for her birthday ..

"Anything . " she said .

" Then I'll buy you a pencil . " I said .

" I don't want a pencil . " she replied .

" Then what do you want ? " I was hoping for her answer ..

" I want a LAPTOP ! "

Oh no ... oh boy .... I shouldn't have asked ....

Then last night before going to bed I said to Mimi ..

" Tahun ni tak payah bagi hadiahlah . "

" Tahun depan bagi 2 hadiah . " she said dengan selambanya ... hahahaha .

Anyhow ... All the best of luck to my youngest daughter....

Happy Birthday Mimi !!

Mama loves you forever .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sugar vs sugar level ....

I still remember 2 months ago as I was searching for korean seaweed at one of the hypermarkets in Kuantan , a lady customer who was beside me asked : " Berapa kilo boleh beli gula ni ? " I then replied " Saya tak tau . " I am not a regulat sugar user , 1 kg sugar can last up to 3 months in a glass jar in my kitchen . No one favours sweet hot tea/coffee/milo etc . So, we can live without coarse sugar . However , I pity those who sell kuih-muih and other food which contains sugar because they have to get special letter stating they are sellers who need more sugar than 2kg per person per trip to the shop .

Then , all of a sudden the price of coarse sugar increased with the increase of petrol . I don't remember the current sugar selling price but is has increased . So surprise ( actually tak surprise pun ) right there and then , sugar is abundant and everywhere to be found , no more 2kg / person . Shopkeepers smile broadly selling sugar as they are now getting more profits from the hike in sugar price ..........

That's coarse sugar ....

Even though I am not a sugar ' addict ' , I am a high sugar level carrier in my blood ... in other words I am a diabetic patient . It's been 8 years now that I take glucopage 850mg pills twice daily to control my sugar level . I have to refrain myself from drinking sweet drinks and have to avoid eating sweet food including starchy rice , noodles and other malay delicacies . Very hard to discipline myself since being a diabetic person I tend to favour sweet food and once in a while I'm craving for those icing and ice-cream, feeling like it's such a great pleasure to taste those cream from heavenly sweety shops .

I have tried so many other alternative medicines and herbs but ... I think the greatest cure could only be secured from ME , MY BODY , MY STRONG DETERMINATION .... I myself know what my body could eat and drink .. hopefully by writing this entry I'll be a strong person with a better self discipline to help myself avoiding those sweet but dangerous food from circulating in my blood vessels InsyaAllah .

That's all folks ...... sugar and sugar level .......... bye for now !!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stinky but Yummy !!

Kijal is well known for its specialties : Lemang and Durian .

Today's blog is about the stinky durian which Kijal is said to grow and produce the best durian since ages .

Yesterday , we decided to go to Kijal old town / village to taste the fresh durian right from the durian stall along the roadside . We chose the one opposite the Petronas petrol station and oh boy... parked our car and straight to the stall and just like any other food stalls , a table and a few chairs were ready for us ... we started with 3 medium sized durians and one more and more and more and a bit later Zaid , Azra and Umair joined us and a few more durians were cut open by the kakak seller ... so so soooo yummyyy .... and to my surprise when the kakak mentioned the price for 12 yummy but stinky durians was only RM20 ... and when I said ... " RM 20 aje ." she then said " Kalau nak bayar lebih boleh aje . " .... hahahaha ... for me it's very very cheap and next week I plan to go there again InsyaAllah.

The stinky durian is of course the KIng of Fruit but I just can't eat too much since my blood pressure can't tolerate the gas from the stinky durian .

Got back and checked my bp and ... wwoowww ..... I was flat feeling so aching all over my body and felt like all my energy was all absorbed by the stinky durian ......

Stinky but Yummy !!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First and the last moment with Dalillah ...

Yesterday as I was driving to Hospital Kuala Lumpur to visit my friend Dalilah who was in critical condition due to her breast and liver cancer I kept on praying that I would have my golden opportunity to meet up with Dalilah since I had missed 3 chances before . I was in high spirit driving early in the morning all the way from Kemaman to KL and I had talked to my Darling asking permission to visit Dalilah and he knew how I had thought a lot about Dalilah and Darling last said " I tau kalau I tak bagi pun you mesti nak pegi jugak .. " So , four of us including Safiyyah , Sumayyah and my friend Falizah left Kemaman at 7.30am .and stopped to have our breakfast at Gambang R & R and at 9.59am I received a text message from "Dalilah " but at that time I was driving and it was almost at Karak toll that I read the message ..

" Bagi pihak keluarga Dalillah Tamrin saya ingin memaklumkan arwah baru sahaja meninggal harap dapat maklumkan kepada yang lain dan maafkan segala kesalahannya .. "

I was shivering while reading that sms and after paying the toll I said to myself " I have to stop for a while . "..... I stopped my car by the roadside and read the sms again and again and just couldn't believe what I was reading ... I was almost there to meet up with her but she's then no longer alive ... as I continued driving my tears rolled down my cheeks and I couldn't stop crying .... so many questions arose from my heart ... let me alone know what those questions were as it's between me and the Al Mighty Allah .. Oh Allah , please forgive me ., only YOU knew how I felt at that sad moment ...

We then together with Falizah's friend ( she's from KL ) headed towards Dalilah's Mom's house in Labohan Dagang , Banting .Aas we reached her mom's house I could feel the sadness all around .. Not long after that jenazah Dalilah arrived from the hospital . She was placed on the bed and I had my first and last chance to meet up with her and I kissed her cheeks and I whispered to her who was lying still , not a single move anymore ...

" Akak sayang Dalilah , semoga syurga buat Dalillah di sana .... kita jumpa lagi di sana nanti InsyaAllah . "....

That was it .. I stopped right there and my tears came running down from my eyes and there I was sobbing and sobbing in tears .... her face was so calm, peaceful and so clean as if she was sleeping .

We waited until the ' kafan' process finished and didn't wait for the burial since it was almost 4pm .

I've known Dalillah thru blogsphere and made contact with her once in a while but now it's all over ... she's no longer to be seen in blogs world and FB ... a very strong woman she was .. fighting her illness till the end ..

May she rest in peace and may Allah grant her with Paradise , InsyaAllah .

Al Fatihah .

This particular song lyric was written by Dalillah a few months ago .....

( to listen to this song , click the stop button on my blog's song at the sidefeed )

Sunday, July 18, 2010

love of a grandson ..

Love for a grandchild is infinity ... the simplest example ... Mimi the Maksu can only drink 2 small bottles of Vitagen perday ( since more than 2 is considered spending more money per month on Vitagen ) but my grandson Umair can drink as many bottle as he likes per day ... can't decline his request to have Vitagen at any time of the day ... hurrmmmm... so that's it .. I love my grandson more than I can say ....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

weird friends ...

It's been 2 nights since the mystery man last appeared , may be he had accomplished his mission .. well .. hope so ...

It's Saturday again , still has no plan for today but we had a great time yesterday in Kuantan but I'm not gonna blog about it ... it's lots of fun hanging around and shopping .

Today's post is about people that sometimes come into our life without we expected to be close to them but at the same time those people do not feel okay to us as time goes by ..., I am sure all of us have experienced this uneasy feeling towards our new friends when they started to act weirdly and only talking to us when they feel right to them , I hate these kind of people ...

Well , it's life people say and so it is ... have to hang on ... or ... may be hang up ... put a stop to them ... sounds cruel ..... I might just push the stop button ... or give them another chance ....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

mystery ( man ) ....

We seldom go out at night . 3 weeks ago we went to Kuantan Airport to fetch Maya who came back from korea for her summer holiday. It so happen that we reached home at almost 1 am caused by the flite delay and to our suprise, we saw a black CRV parked just a few metres away from our main gate , next to our garbage bin . There's a man in the car but we didn't bother to say anything to him , may be he waswaiting for someone or may be he was talking thru his phone .may be ....

Then the other night Maya saw the same CRV parked just outside our fence but we didn't dare to ask....

Then last night at 3 am I was out to get into my car to fetch Maya coming back from KL , there he was again in the same CRV and parked right in front of my house . When I was about to get into my car , I saw the driver moved his hands meaning he was awoke at that wee hours . When we came back a few minutes later , he was still there .. at 5 am I slid open the windows curtains and the CRV was gone ....

Just wonder .....

- who is that man ??
- why is he there ?
- Is he a spy ??? To spy on who ???

We'll see tonite .... Is he here again ??? Very very mystery .......

same sickness ...

Today I came across 3 different persons with the same type ..... mental disorder , felt so sorry for them .

The first one that I encountered was a makcik wearing kain sarong and baju kurung Kedah and this makcik always wanders around the village and once I saw her urinating standing on the roadside ..... mmmmmm .

The second one was the Pakcik Plastic ( I wrote about him in one of my entries ) . This afternoon I saw him crossing the main road in the middle of the town with many more plastics wrapped around his body .

The third one I saw today was a young man wearing white jubah and kopiah together with a cloth on his head and also zikr beads in his hands . All of a sudden ke raised his hands by the roadside and started preaching to no one near him . He continued preaching by facing the sky .

3 persons in one same area .. I can't think of how many other people with the same 'sickness' can be found all over the country and in this entire world ... pity, pity very pity......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodbye my friends !!

Last week Ustazah Samiah passed away due chronic stomach pain ....

Today , I lost another good friend Mariam Osman due to prolonged coughing ...

I've been friends for almost 17 years with both of them . They were both very very gentle and humble . I regard both of them as my elder sisters as they were always giving me advice , to keep my deeds and faith just to Allah .

May Allah grant them with paradise , Ameen .

Al fatihah ...... goodbye my friends !!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

till then ...

It's Tuesday again .... What a blessed , Praise be to Allah !!

Last nite I declared in FB that I'd open my blog to public very soon, still don't know when because deep in my heart I still want to 'hide' my blog , just for my eyes only .. still gather stuff that I feel like sharing with all bloggers out there ...,,

till then ...

bye !!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's All Over ... waka waka !!

World Cup 2010 is finally over with Spain the new champion . Congratulations !!

Actually I didn't watch a single game this time around .. didn't really care about WC , my interest in soccer has faded away , don't know why ..

Anyhow, I' m so so glad it's all over . I hate to see people stay up just for the sake of football .. I hete toread here and there about football . . . all talking about football as if there's no story other than football .. but , my number ONE hatred is when many become slaves of that silly Paul the Octopus .. syirik is everywhere just because of an octopus .. people gamble everywhere , betting game after game .. .

Soooooo ... it's all over now ... let's get back to work !!

Waka waka .. eeee ... waka waka .. if I dance this song everyday , I'll be slim and sexy like Shakira ..hahahaha .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friends forever ........

Friendship means caring , loving and sharing whatever condition that we might face in life .. when our friend is in trouble , we tend to help him/her in whatever we can .

Friendship is something for us to cherish ....

Let's be friends forever .. a friend in need is a friend indeed !!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sarah's Wedding !!

Sarah , my niece ( my eldest sister's daughter ) got married last weekend 2nd July was the akad nikah ceremony and the 3rd was the wedding feast . Alhamdulillah everything went well as planned .

Sarah was married to an army officer , Captain Sharizat .

The feast took place in Sg Besi Army Camp it was a wonderful and cheerful ceremony and feast indeed !

I had a chance to meet up with my relatives and there were a few that I last met was in 1981 ( form 4 ) .. hhuuuhhhh .. long , long time ago ....

The feast was also entertained by the infamous nasyid group , Raihan .. oh boy ! I was so sexcited to meet and chat with them and watched them singing ' live ' . My sister's friend sponsored the show , Alhamdulillah .

The rest of the feast was recorded thru our lenses as follows :

Selamat Pengantin Baru !! Semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat !!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perth Escapade !

School holiday is over ,,, what a wonderful escapade indeed in down under ,Perth , to be exact . It’s winter down there but no snow and the temp was in the teens and 20s, perfect for us to wander and visit many places without shivering in cold.

Our journey started from LCCT that Thursday nite the 9th of June a 5 1/2 hour-flite to Perth International Airport . Almost a full board with many Malaysians flying to the same destination . We reached Perth at dawn and oh boy , it was cold with the temperature was only 8 degree celcius . The custom and immigration at the airport were so strict with dogs sniffing our baggages and all food had to be declared . Since we only brought dry food our bags were okay . Darling then went to get our rented car from the parking lot and we got a kia- rio , good enough for the 4 of us ..

We stayed at Scarborough Beach Resort , a two-bedroom apartment , 100m from the beach, a very nice place to stay ,15km away from the busy street of Perth City . We spent 6 days at the apartment , a very serene place with overlooking the quiet negihbourhood and breathtaking seaview where many Aussies surfing thru the waves and of course many many other aussies jog and walk the dogs by the beach .

From my observation one is not a pure Aussie unless he owns a bike and a dog and he must also love nature …. For those reasons I ain’t gonna be an aussie….hhuurrmm ..

Places that we visited during our stay in Perth and suburbs….

Fremantle City

City center…. Many old colonial buildings.

Fremantle Market . ..offers a variety of souvenirs and fruits .

Fremantle Prison. .. an old and not in use anymore , in used from 1865 to 1991.

Fremantle Park . .. a green filed just infront of the Esplanade .

Maritime Museum . .. housed of many vessels and ships and sail boats .

Submarine Visit . .. an old submarine and experience the life in it .

Fremantle Harbour… many boats and yacht are anchored here .

Captain Cook Cruise along the Swan River from Fremantle to Perth .. see many tycoons mansions are along the river bank ..

Hillarys Boat Harbour …..

AQWA aquarium for many2 sea creatures .

Sorrento Quay , an array of beautiful shopping arcade harbour .

Perth .

Big Bells right in front of Barrack Jetty .

Barrack Street shopping .

Perth Mosque .

King’s Park Botanical Garden

Lottery Federation Walkway .

WA House of Parliament .

Subiarco shopping area .

Mandurah .

Mandurah Harbour .

Abingdon Miniature Village ..old houses from UK .

Rockingham .

Penguin City … closed for breeding for 3 months .

Swan Valley .

Margaret Chocolate Factory.

Grapes orchards.

Caversham Wildlife Park … koalas, kangaroos, wombat and many more farm animals.

Inaloo shopping Center ..

Karrinyup Shopping Center .

Jundaloop Shopping Centre .

Inaloo Shopping Centre .

Hay Market , Perth .

E-Shed Market , Fremantle .

Discovery Gravity Centre ..Gingin area right in the country side .

Trigg Beach .

Brighton Beach .

Scarborough Beach .

Cottesloe Beach .

Alhamdulillah our holiday in Perth was blessed with beautiful city, people and places of interest .. thank you, thank you , thank you so much to my Darling hubby for sponsoring another holiday ...... bye for now .