Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perth Escapade !

School holiday is over ,,, what a wonderful escapade indeed in down under ,Perth , to be exact . It’s winter down there but no snow and the temp was in the teens and 20s, perfect for us to wander and visit many places without shivering in cold.

Our journey started from LCCT that Thursday nite the 9th of June a 5 1/2 hour-flite to Perth International Airport . Almost a full board with many Malaysians flying to the same destination . We reached Perth at dawn and oh boy , it was cold with the temperature was only 8 degree celcius . The custom and immigration at the airport were so strict with dogs sniffing our baggages and all food had to be declared . Since we only brought dry food our bags were okay . Darling then went to get our rented car from the parking lot and we got a kia- rio , good enough for the 4 of us ..

We stayed at Scarborough Beach Resort , a two-bedroom apartment , 100m from the beach, a very nice place to stay ,15km away from the busy street of Perth City . We spent 6 days at the apartment , a very serene place with overlooking the quiet negihbourhood and breathtaking seaview where many Aussies surfing thru the waves and of course many many other aussies jog and walk the dogs by the beach .

From my observation one is not a pure Aussie unless he owns a bike and a dog and he must also love nature …. For those reasons I ain’t gonna be an aussie….hhuurrmm ..

Places that we visited during our stay in Perth and suburbs….

Fremantle City

City center…. Many old colonial buildings.

Fremantle Market . ..offers a variety of souvenirs and fruits .

Fremantle Prison. .. an old and not in use anymore , in used from 1865 to 1991.

Fremantle Park . .. a green filed just infront of the Esplanade .

Maritime Museum . .. housed of many vessels and ships and sail boats .

Submarine Visit . .. an old submarine and experience the life in it .

Fremantle Harbour… many boats and yacht are anchored here .

Captain Cook Cruise along the Swan River from Fremantle to Perth .. see many tycoons mansions are along the river bank ..

Hillarys Boat Harbour …..

AQWA aquarium for many2 sea creatures .

Sorrento Quay , an array of beautiful shopping arcade harbour .

Perth .

Big Bells right in front of Barrack Jetty .

Barrack Street shopping .

Perth Mosque .

King’s Park Botanical Garden

Lottery Federation Walkway .

WA House of Parliament .

Subiarco shopping area .

Mandurah .

Mandurah Harbour .

Abingdon Miniature Village ..old houses from UK .

Rockingham .

Penguin City … closed for breeding for 3 months .

Swan Valley .

Margaret Chocolate Factory.

Grapes orchards.

Caversham Wildlife Park … koalas, kangaroos, wombat and many more farm animals.

Inaloo shopping Center ..

Karrinyup Shopping Center .

Jundaloop Shopping Centre .

Inaloo Shopping Centre .

Hay Market , Perth .

E-Shed Market , Fremantle .

Discovery Gravity Centre ..Gingin area right in the country side .

Trigg Beach .

Brighton Beach .

Scarborough Beach .

Cottesloe Beach .

Alhamdulillah our holiday in Perth was blessed with beautiful city, people and places of interest .. thank you, thank you , thank you so much to my Darling hubby for sponsoring another holiday ...... bye for now .