Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stinky but Yummy !!

Kijal is well known for its specialties : Lemang and Durian .

Today's blog is about the stinky durian which Kijal is said to grow and produce the best durian since ages .

Yesterday , we decided to go to Kijal old town / village to taste the fresh durian right from the durian stall along the roadside . We chose the one opposite the Petronas petrol station and oh boy... parked our car and straight to the stall and just like any other food stalls , a table and a few chairs were ready for us ... we started with 3 medium sized durians and one more and more and more and a bit later Zaid , Azra and Umair joined us and a few more durians were cut open by the kakak seller ... so so soooo yummyyy .... and to my surprise when the kakak mentioned the price for 12 yummy but stinky durians was only RM20 ... and when I said ... " RM 20 aje ." she then said " Kalau nak bayar lebih boleh aje . " .... hahahaha ... for me it's very very cheap and next week I plan to go there again InsyaAllah.

The stinky durian is of course the KIng of Fruit but I just can't eat too much since my blood pressure can't tolerate the gas from the stinky durian .

Got back and checked my bp and ... wwoowww ..... I was flat feeling so aching all over my body and felt like all my energy was all absorbed by the stinky durian ......

Stinky but Yummy !!!


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Sarina

nyam nyam


rezeki said...

salam kak

pernah makan durian kat tepi jalan di Kijal , mmg sedap dan besttt

Zareda Norman said...

kalau dah yummi.. stinky pun stinky lah kan kak rina..


silversarina said...

rozali ,

Wassalam . fresh durian memang yam nyam :)


wassalam . durian Kijal terkenal dengan buahnya yang sisinya sedap lemak berkrim .

zar ,

betul tu, tapi zaid tetap makan dengan tangan berlapik plastik sebab nak elak bau stinky melekat .

fa*atip said...

lagi ngam kalau di makan dengan stinky bean! heheheee

kakyong said...

tu tgh makan kat rumah ke kat tempat kakak tu jual... byk tu doyan bergayut..

silversarina said...


teman harini beli stinky bean makan sorang2 dengan tempoyak ..hihi .

kakyong ,

tu gambar makan kat gerai durian le :0

Abdul Munir Sanusi said...
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Yati Ali said...

sedapnyer makan durian...nyam nyam

silversarina said...

yati ali ,

deghoyan ni macam ketagih, lepas 3/4 hari tak makan , nak lagi dan lagi dn lagi ..memang sedap .