Monday, July 12, 2010

It's All Over ... waka waka !!

World Cup 2010 is finally over with Spain the new champion . Congratulations !!

Actually I didn't watch a single game this time around .. didn't really care about WC , my interest in soccer has faded away , don't know why ..

Anyhow, I' m so so glad it's all over . I hate to see people stay up just for the sake of football .. I hete toread here and there about football . . . all talking about football as if there's no story other than football .. but , my number ONE hatred is when many become slaves of that silly Paul the Octopus .. syirik is everywhere just because of an octopus .. people gamble everywhere , betting game after game .. .

Soooooo ... it's all over now ... let's get back to work !!

Waka waka .. eeee ... waka waka .. if I dance this song everyday , I'll be slim and sexy like Shakira ..hahahaha .