Thursday, July 15, 2010

same sickness ...

Today I came across 3 different persons with the same type ..... mental disorder , felt so sorry for them .

The first one that I encountered was a makcik wearing kain sarong and baju kurung Kedah and this makcik always wanders around the village and once I saw her urinating standing on the roadside ..... mmmmmm .

The second one was the Pakcik Plastic ( I wrote about him in one of my entries ) . This afternoon I saw him crossing the main road in the middle of the town with many more plastics wrapped around his body .

The third one I saw today was a young man wearing white jubah and kopiah together with a cloth on his head and also zikr beads in his hands . All of a sudden ke raised his hands by the roadside and started preaching to no one near him . He continued preaching by facing the sky .

3 persons in one same area .. I can't think of how many other people with the same 'sickness' can be found all over the country and in this entire world ... pity, pity very pity......