Saturday, September 25, 2010

within 2 months ....

Hi !!

Here I am again !!

Not sure if anybody comes here anymore . I've logged off my visitor's detector . Well ,I've told myself many times that my blog is for me to jot down my personal activities and stories . Whether people read it or not , it doesn't matter to me .... my blog , my life ... full stop .

Within 2 months I've gone thru quite a number happening events all over me :

August :

1/ I made a surprise visit to Kak Elle's house in Singapore .... wwoooww...she was really shocked ...hahaha.

2/My second grandson was born while I was in Singapore ...Uzair my little darling .

3/ A short Ramadhan family trip to Ho Chi Minh City . Very tired but we managed to hold on fasting till end of the day .

September .

1/Sofie flew back to start her final year medical school . Good luck dear !!

2/ Another short trip to Bandung ..9 of us including Uzair my little grandson were there exploring Bandung in 2 days , 2 nites with plenty of delicious food in Ramadhan...pisang molen , batagor tofu , soto , pisang pontianak , nasi padang and many more .. Alhamdulillah.

3/ Sumayyah flew back to continue her studies for another more year.. All the best to you !!

4/ Syawal was celebrated in Ipoh with my Darling around.1st Syawal also denoted one year had passed since my MIL passed away last year . Al fatihah .

That's all as I can recall ...bye ..till we meet again InsyaAllah.


effie said...

selamat hari raya mak su!!

silversarina said...


salam lebaran buat effie comel yang jauh di mata dekat di hati :)

Kak Elle said...

sape kata noone drop by?part giving me the surprise tu best....hehe

silversarina said...

kak elle,

you are here ... surprise !!!!

aNIe said...

Short notes yang cukup untuk membuat kita mengingati segalanya...

Banyak aktiviti bersama keluarga dpt dilalui bersama...mesti seronok.. dan juga mengeratkan ikatan kekeluargaan

All the best to your daughters...semoga akan berjaya dlm pelajaran mereka

silversarina said...

kak anie ,

Terimakasih akak kerana sudi bertandang ke blog ini .