Monday, July 11, 2011

Malacca Escapades ..

Last Friday we headed to Malacca as early as 5am and as we had expected a police road block was there at the Ganu/Pahang border.. with their torchlights ..screening our faces .. when they saw Mimi and Izzat were fast asleep at the rear seats ..they let us go 'Kuning T-shirt around' .. hurmmm..... we chose Kuantan-Segamat - Gemas -Alor Gajah-Malacca route avoiding KL ... it was a smooth ride , Alhamdulilah .

We checked into our rented 3 bedrooms apartment at Mahkota's nice .. a great place for a family escapades .. guess who's coming after that ???? My son, Zaid and family were also there coming from Ipoh because Zaid had a business to do in Malacca .. that's why we rented the 3 bedrooms apartment.. . I had a chance to play with my 2 grandsons.. yahooo ..

That night we already had a dinner date with my Darling's ex arab boss who were on holiday here in Malaysia . we went to Umbai seafood heaven for dinner .. very very fresh seafood indeed . had a great time chatting with Dr Imad's family , Alhamdulilah . fb friend.. with her baby ..Sumayyah ..

The next day we spent our time at the hotel , no going around Malacca this time as we had toured Malacca in several visits before .. not to mention, I also met my facebook friend , Azreen , she came to our hotel from Alor Gajah ..thank you so much for coming..

Dinner at Parameswara ..Umbai .. with Dr Imad's family ..'s time to depart ...boy oh boy .. Umair my grandson started to cry .he wanted to follow us ..but sorry dear boy .. Kemaman and Ipoh is not near...once he wants his Baba.... where could I find one.... wait until a few more years ..I'll bring him home with me InsyaAllah ..

happy hour at the hotel..

That's our weekend story ..a joyful story ..Alhamdulilah .


Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Sarina

dlm gambar yg akhir sekali tu..pemain pro...he he


MULAN said...

seronoknya.... lama pulak tak ke melaka... asam pedas melaka pon sedap..

silversarina said...


waalaikumusalam ...Oooo itu ... memang pun ..pegang kayu pun tak betui :)

silversarina said...


I suka pegi melaka walau tak keluar jalan mana2 , just cari goreng pisang tanduk dan putu piring .. seronok .

Zaitun said...

Muka adik sama macam Umair.

Kak Zai pun kalau antar Mimi selalunya makan kat Parameswara.

silversarina said...

Kak Zaitun ,

Memang sedap dan harganya amat berpatutan .nanti nak pegi lagi situ .