Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Catch of The Day

It's been a while that my jogging gang ' entertained ' ourselves by visiting the fisherman's jetty near Kuala Kemaman to buy very fresh fish and other seafood .

So, this morning we called the " taukeh kapal " to ask of the arrival of the boat . We were expecting for fish and crabs . It was about 9.10am that we reached the jetty ( about 5 minutes from Monica Bay ) and many fishermen were busy loading and unloading the catch of the day(s) . I really love to be at the jetty as I could see and touch the fresh fish that was a plenty .... felt like buying the whole box of fish . As for this morning they only had "ikan kembung" , squids and a type of prawn ( I really forgot the name , it looked like lobster ) . I bought the fish and the giant squid ( 1 squid = 1.1 kg , so imagine how big it was ) . However , no crabs today . ... we'lll come again soon , InsyaAllah .

As people say working as fishermen really hold their fate to The Al Mighty since once they go out to sea, they'll never know how much fish could they get and what type of fish could they catch and it also depends on the weather out there .

a giant squid .. 1.1 kg

I pray that those fishermen will always be blessed with the best catch every single day that they out to sea , InsyaAllah .


Atikah said...

Salam kak,

berkurun tk tinggal jejak.... :)

besarnya sotong tu... brg gm tu?

Rozali said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Sarina

best nyer...ikan/sotong segar

kalau bakar sodap
he he


sas said...

cik ina... cam tak dapat tangkap. ni jeti kat mana ni?
manyaknyeeee ikan... weee nak ikan jugakkk

silversarina said...


salam kembali .. tu ada tulis berat sotong tu, seekor tu aje dah 1.1kg , memng besar .

silversarina said...


wasssalam . memang sedap bakar tapi tak sempat nak buat lagi, semalam sotong tu goreng celup tepung, ikan tak usik lagi .

silversarina said...


memang you sure taktau punya sebab ibi jetty persendirian , jalan ikut belakangs ekolah rendah di kuala kemaman , tak jumpa kalau ikut jalan kuala kemaman yang biasa .

Aki44 said...

Salam mama,

Besnyer ikan n sotong segar. Sy nak jenguk jugak jeti tu. Tak jauh kot, cuma 45 minit dr Kuantan

silversarina said...


jemputlah datang , this jetty kena ikut jalan belakang di Kuala Kemaamn , a personal jetty not the LKIM jetty .