Saturday, March 1, 2008

INTEAM & Pantai Marina

It's been raining for two days and many many flags of those parties competing in the general election were blown away by wind and many could also be seen stucked in the mud . I can't imagine what will happen if it rains heavily on the polling day..... will Malaysians come out and cast their votes ????

Last night after Isya' prayer we headed towards Kampung Geliga to join the fans of a popular nasyeed group in Malaysia... INTEAM.... I like their songs but I do not really know their individual names .

camera screen tak terbuka luas sebab hujan..

Right after INTEAM sang their second song, rain started pouring down so heavily. We ran with our umbrellas swaying coz of wind and we took cover under the canopy for the singers . I couldn't really concentrate on the show that I 'missed' my favourite song " Segenggam tabah"... it was when we took cover that INTEAM sang that song... ( I put this song in my blog for this entry !! )

Shah , the most famous singer of INTEAM couldn't be present last night since her wife is about time to deliver their second baby. Now I remember his name..Shah... ( sorry ye maya , mama baru tau mana satu Shah...heheh ).

candid ......INTEAM dengan Izzat

It's a kind of weird to see how the audience( the fans ) didn't bother to stand in the rain and some stood under their umbrellas right in front of the stage. INTEAM is fabulous and I could see they are really the real models of the youngsters with their strong personality and melodious voice.

Alhamdulillah... we enjoyed the show even with the non-stop pouring rain till the end.......


Saturday afternoon we went to Pantai Telaga Simpul or Pantai Marina to have our lunch . Pantai Marina is one of my favourite beaches in Kemaman....I left my pics.

I passed by neeza's house to get to Pantai Marina ( I think I know which house is hers ! ). Don't worry neeza, all houses in your area are okay.... the stall under the big tree opposite your house (taman delima ) is still on ... I have yet to taste the food from that stall.... always full house....


SoFie NuR said...

bestnye gi tgk konsert..hihi...

silversarina said...

memang best , habis basah lencun tapi dapat duduk dalam canopy INTEAM... kelas gitu..sudahnya mimi tidur kat dalam kereta , mama and izzat je peminat setia..cik ina hebat :)

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Suka juga dengan lagu2 diaorang..

Yang Shah tu saya pernah jumpa sekali di Masjid Ar Ridzuan, Huku Klang tak lama dulu. Dia yang kecik-kecik itukan...


silversarina said...


Shah yang kecil, tinggi dan suara halus tu, wajah sweet je..

akak suka lagu diaorang ,memang sedap didengar :)

Neeza Shahril said...

neeza suka banyak lagu inteam tapi tajuk tak tau.. heheee.

Kak Rina lalu rumah mak neeza ye?? stall tu kak Rina, neeza pun tak pernah pergi.. satunya segan sebab lelaki je penuh kat situ.. lagi satu, sebab depan rumah mak je kan.. baik la neeza bungkus bawak balik.. nak berkejar dgn anak2?? hiiii... haru nanti.. heheheeee

Kak Elle said...

masih hujan ke? mm..kalau hujan lebat on polling day...hancur nanti.

eh rina gi concert inteam..lagu mereka saya pernah dengar tapi tilte mmg tak tau...hehe

PrinCeSS said...

besnye besnye..nak g jugak
inteam is my favourite..
laa baru tau ke shah mane satu...nak kena nie.heheh

KAMATO said...

Boleh tahan juga lagu diorang tu..suka juga kadang2 dengar

silversarina said...


Ooo you pun tak pernah pergi sebab ramai men kat situ...akak pun memang malu nak singgah tapi that stall memang maju betul.

kak elle,

akak pun suka lagu inteam ye..samalah dengan I tajuk lagu dan nama penyanyi payah betul nak ingat tapi inteam ni banyak lagunya yang titlenya ada perkataan KASIH.

silversarina said...


rugi tak dapat tengok konsert tu, beria menikmati lagu tak beranjak walau basah kena hujan... yang lain tu memang tak tahu nama diaorang...hehehe.


you pun suka lagu inteam, sedap lagunya dan suara pun harmoni... thanks for dropping by.